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Jan 2, 2010 6:15pm EST
. the continental army, under the direction of george washington, had just finished a daring but successful surprise attack on the british at trenton. in retaliation, the british launched an attack of its on on the, no army. instead of retreating, washington ordered his troops to stay and fight. it was a daring move. when the soldiers in the contra army saw the size and strength of the enemy, many of them were filled with dread. as one historian put it, even in that awful moment, these men had a sense of their own strength, a confidence in what an upper, and a feeling that province was with them that night. -- confidence in one another. against impossible odds, they broke the enemy column, forcing the british to retreat. at a moment of victory, the entire, it is said to have triumphantly shouted as one. the second battle of trenton was a great victory for washington's troops. the young nation had become exhausted and discouraged by war. 233 is later, americans have not lost the spirit of trenton. two long and difficult wars have prolonged recession and double-digit unemployment. these are difficult
Jan 9, 2010 6:15pm EST
it after economist declare it is over. for decades, washington avoided doing what was right in favor of doing what was easy. the result was an economy where some made out well, but the middle class too often took a beating. over the past decade, the income of the average household actually declined, and we lost as many jobs as we created. hard-working folks found themselves forced to downscale their dreams because of factors beyond their control. a good job with a good wage, a secure in dignified retirement, stable health care, the chance to give our kids a better shot than we got. that is why as we began to emerge from this crisis, we will not return to that complacency that helped cause the crisis. even as we focus on putting america back to work, we are building a new foundation for our economy to create a good, lasting jobs and shared prosperity of tomorrow. we are making historic investments in science and a clean energy economy that will generate and keep jobs for the future right here in america. we are reforming the education system so our kids are prepared to compete with wo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2